Desserts To Die For

Desserts To Die For

You guys, if you can’t tell already, I like to eat. Maybe I should switch over from a fashion and lifestyle blog to a full on food blog? Just kidding, but seriously, I enjoy having an outlet to talk to others about the places that I go eat. I remember telling one of my classes when they asked me what I like to do on my free time that I like to try out new restaurants. They laughed at me.

Living in the central valley, I know that people think there’s nothing to do here. Some people might not want to spend money every time they go out. I understand; but, if you ever want to treat yourself, look up some local spots to test out.

This week I wanted to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite bakeries EVER! Bella Rose (Facebook link) is a small locally owned restaurant, bakery, and catering company in Kingsburg, Ca (for those who are reading and don’t live here). I really love all of the flowers they have on the front and back patio. It really feels as if you’re dining at someone’s home.


I apologize for the not so great interior shot, but there were some people still eating and I didn’t want to make them uncomfortable. I’ve come by a few times to try and get a good picture but it’s always full! That’s how you know it’s good though! I walk right in to a sugary aroma and my favorite sight of their baked goods display. The locals and their chatter fill the place and the employees always greet us with a friendly smile. That’s my favorite characteristic about these local places, your business is always appreciated.

As you can see, the shutters are open so you can look out at the beautiful landscaping and the happy customers walking to their cars with boxes of their favorite cupcakes.


This is the back patio and luckily they’ve got misters which are perfect for these hot summer days. During the winter, they bring out the heat lamps which is nice, too.


The menu at Bella Rose consists of sandwiches, salads, and soups. I recently had their chicken noodle soup and it was soooo good! They have a different soup special every day and luckily I made it on a Wednesday to finally try it.  Their salads are made with their homemade balsamic dressing that they sell, too! I believe that they try their best to purchase their produce from other local places which is a nice touch. The pricing is fair and ranges between five and twelve dollars.


Even though the food is good, the desserts are what I come for. Let me tell you, they sell out fast! Below are the banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting, brownie cupcake with brownie filling and chocolate frosting, and lemon thumbprints. They’ve got tons more flavors like salted caramel, coconut (my fave), and confetti just to name a few. They also have different pies, cheesecakes, cream puffs, you name it (you can also make orders of any of these for pick-up). One time we were able to try a slice of their oreo cake and it was to die for! I’m picky when it comes to my cupcakes and cake. I don’t like them dry or crumbly, and they have to be moist but fluffy. These are perfect and not extremely sweet so you won’t leave feeling disgusting afterwards. You really can’t go wrong with anything in their dessert case and the presentation is always on point.


Bella Rose (instagram link) is a cute local spot that will have you feeling at home right when you walk in. I know that not everyone is available during their open hours (tues-sat, 11-2), but if you ever get the chance, stop by! You’ll be hooked on their baked goods and maybe you’ll run into me there…incognito, because more than likely I snuck out of my house to go pick up a little treat.

I hope you all liked this post! If there’s anything you’d like to see from me or have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment.

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