Co-ord Sets for Hot Spring Days

Co-ord Sets for Hot Spring Days


While other states are still experiencing snowfall, California is really gearing up for Spring. The past two weeks, we experienced glorious weather full of sunshine, slight breezes, and high 70’s/mid 80 temperatures. Glorious, but for a California girl, those kinds of temperatures call for rummaging through the depths of my Winter happy closet for my miniest mini shorts and a barely there top. None of which I own.

Do you know how long it’s been since I purchased a snazzy new pair of shorts?

Years…I mean, really, YEARS. Sophomore year in high school was the last time I felt comfortable to wear shorts. For the last six years, my spaghetti like lower half made any pair of shorts look like an adult diaper. Let me tell you, no pair was looking attractive on me.

Buuuttt, with my new found confidence and much more toned and shaped figure -with more toning and shaping to go- I’m looking to slip into some nice clothes on these warmer days. If you couldn’t already tell by my three latest outfits on my Instagram (here), I’m easing myself in. Or should I say…diving in head first with absolutely no shame in my game?

More appropriate? I think so.

Coincidentally, on mine and my mom’s weekly Target after workout browsing sessions, this co-ord set stopped me mid sesh. Do you see that print? How could I not just try it on to check off my “try on one outfit at Target” task on my list?

Co-ord sets have been running through my mind lately and I have a good feeling that they’re going to be a must-have this season! What’s great about them is you can get creative with your pairings by mixing-and-matching the shorts and tops. With this particular set, I could purchase another plain top that either matches the colors of the flowers or wear a different solid black off the shoulder top with ruffles. Can you envision that?

Normally, I steer clear of any spaghetti strap type tops and blouses because your girl’s not about that strapless bra life. It’s like trying to keep my size 7 foot in a size 9 heel for an entire day. There’s just not enough foot to fill up all that extra space. You know, there’s nothing keeping that shoe on? Lol

However, I opted for a bralette which makes me feel safe and in place. Another bonus is I can wear it with a ton of other tops I own! Both the co-ord set and bralette are by the brand Xhiliration and were accurately priced between $12-$20. This set kept me cool and stylish on an 87 degree day and it caught a ton of peoples’ attention!

There really is no going wrong with this co-ord set; and if you’re looking to wear less but keep it classy and appropriate, this is for you! I’ve linked this exact set and bralette, along with two similar ones for you. Check them out and let me know what you think.

Are you loving co-ords for the Spring? Where are you getting yours from? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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Co-ord Set from

Top: $23

Bottoms: $23

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