Loafer Love

Loafer Love

“Those remind me of my grandma’s shoes.”

I know, I know, loafers can come off as ugly and old looking. None of us want a “whaatt aarree thoossseee” moment; but, I can  assure you that these are not your grandmas loafers. The most popular pair are designed by Gucci and are owned by fashionistas everywhere. I saw them and immediately fell in love, only to be forced to bring myself back from the heavens and face that they’d never be mine (at least not right now). The $630 I’d have to shell out for them was also only real in my dreams.

However, being me, I set out on a thorough web search for a similar pair. When I say thorough, I mean sitting on my bed for three days like a madman with no interruptions. I ran across a ton of different styles but I had the Gucci’s stuck in my mind. I would put a pair in my online cart, enter my information, and then back out. I wasn’t going to settle.

Then, I ran across the perfect, almost identical pair at Urban Outfitters that wouldn’t break my bank. You have no idea how ecstatic I was. They just recently came in the mail and UO didn’t let me down! I purchased them for under $70 with my student discount. If you didn’t know, you can sign up at several different websites specifically for students to receive discounts. I got mine from myunidays.com. Right now, you can get 20% off at Urban Outfitters which means you’ll get these for around $55!

What I really like about these loafers is that they can be worn with jeans or a dress. Since I’m in college and there’s not a shortage of presentations going on, they’re perfect. A lot of girls struggle to find the perfect shoe for a business casual look. In my case, I’m either going to wear a five inch heel or nothing. Now, I can throw these on and still look professional. I’ll say they’re an even better choice than the plain ol’ black flats that many girls opt for.

I picked out a few pairs for you to check out. There are some slip-on loafer options, too, which I think are equally as amazing. I hope you like them!


The original Gucci Jordan Loafers ($630)


Urban Outfitters Iman Loafers ($69)


Asos Velvet Loafers (49.99)


Steve Madden Laaura Loafers ($89.95)


Asos Faith Backless Silver Leather Loafers ($105)

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