Giving Dresses A Chance AND Four Off The Shoulder Dresses Under $50

Giving Dresses A Chance AND Four Off The Shoulder Dresses Under $50

Let Me Explain…

Here I am, back after a month (or two) long “where TF” and “WTF happened to her” hiatus (but if you’ve been following me on ig you’ve seen me here and there). I fell into the dark abyss of what felt like the forgotten and failed wanna be blogger. My once enthusiastic self chasing my golden dreams like a cat that chases a catnip mouse fell dry (just like the catnip mouse loses its magic scent). Aimlessly, I posted photos on Instagram just to remind people, “yes, I’m still here and holding on to my relevance by the skin on my teeth”. Oh yeah, I fell deep. 

My semester was rough and emotionally draining. Creativity escaped me and my only concerns were trying to finish the school year without one more breakdown. That’s a story for another day! For now, bear with me as I get my groove back 😉

“I’ve never seen you in a dress”

I think I get this comment each and every time I wear a dress. Truthfully, ’tis a rare sight. Maybe it’s because of the constant fear of having an unintentional Marilyn Monroe incident? It could also be because you’ve got to be on high alert and keep yourself from sitting like a man with your legs wide open (the result of having only worn pants for the last 5 years). Whichever one it is, the exposure factor of wearing a dress is always on my mind. 

On the other hand, dresses are fast and simple. There’s no fluff to them. Just throw them on and you’re out the door looking like you spent hours getting ready (which you probably did anyway). They’re just too good to be true.

So…here I am.

I thought one day, “why don’t I own any cute dresses?”. Fast forward to last week at Target (duh!) and the fashion gods led me right to them. This off the shoulder number gifted me many compliments throughout the day and it’s no secret why. Layered ruffle sleeves with detail AND a little shoulder action? What’s not to love! It’s flirty and feminine, yet appropriate for several occasions as it hits right above the knee. 

Price wise, it met TLC standards at an affordable $24 and still have some cash to buy your fave fancy $5 dollar iced coffee. After all, coffee is a non-negotiable. 

I’ve gathered four different OTS dresses for the Summer that are under $50 and are sure to be turning heads everywhere you go.

P.s., tap the photos to be redirected to the exact web page.


Forever 21: $48


Target: $22.99


Tobi: $29


Lulus: $48



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