Ruffle Hem Sweaters

Ruffle Hem Sweaters






Ahhh, the holidays are over and it’s time to come down from the Christmas high. Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year. I love all the lights, decorations, and just the joyful mood that people are usually in. I’m still holding on to my Christmas tree for dear life because who doesn’t like the smell of a good douglas fir? Ugh, it hurts my soul to see the decorations being boxed away and stored back in the deepest corners of the garage. See you in 11 months, happiness!

It’s now time to move on…

The weather in the Central Valley has been bone chilling lately! It’s not all sun and games here like it is in LA; but, we do have some days that are a little less cold and I can actually step out of the house. I’ve been living in sweaters lately and I’ve found SO many cute and affordable ones at H&M (like THIS one from my last post). My mom and dad gifted me with this one for Christmas and I really love the ruffled bottom!

I’m trying to add a few “statement” sweaters to my wardrobe just to switch things up a little bit. It’s still a solid and neutral color which fits my (short) list of requirements when buying new pieces! Ruffles are details that I don’t think ever go out of style; and even if they did, I’d still wear them. That’s what makes everyone’s style THEIR style. You wear what you like, when you like 🙂

Now, before I start to ramble on, I’ve linked a few cute ruffly sweaters like this one!

H&M: Exact (ON SALE)

H&M: Ribbed Sweater With Ruffled Bottom

Missguided: Nude Ruffle Hem Jumper

ASOS: Boohoo Ruffle Hem Sweater

I hope your new year is off to a great start! Talk to you again, soon!


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