Weekend Diary

Weekend Diary

I’m not joking when I say that starting a blog has brought me out of my hermit shell. Personally, home is truly where my heart is. At times I’d think to myself that when I’m old, I’ll regret never going out to explore new places when I had the chance. I do love trying new places and now that I have an audience to share them with, it’s motivated me to get out a little bit more.

This weekend, my mom and I took a drive to a small town an hour away called Porterville. She and I share that love of going to try locally owned places. We’d read about it in a local magazine and were waiting for the perfect time to make the trip out there. How embarrassing, an hour may not seem like a long drive but we both need naps after we eat (oh, the struggle). I’ll be making another post in a little more detail about the place that we visited, but to give you an idea, it was a gourmet chocolate shop. It was so hard to choose from all the goodies they had and the inside was spectacularly decorated.

When we arrived to Porterville, I was so sad to find out that the battery in my camera was dead (good job, Chloe). I slapped myself when we walked in, but making a trip back isn’t such a bad deal. That means I get to stuff my face with some more chocolate LOL.

On our way back home, we stopped in Exeter to browse some of their shops. My mom and I hadn’t been there since I played sports in high school! I was leery of checking it out because I didn’t think they’d have much to offer since the town is smaller than the one I live in. Boy, was I wrong. There were so many neat and unique little shops scattered all over downtown. I wish we’d gotten there earlier to see them all.

There was no shortage of cafes and restaurants that we didn’t get to try because we were already sooo sleepy from eating handfuls of chocolate. We discovered a ton of neat places to take pictures, too! There wasn’t an overload of people all around or any rushing. We had a fun and relaxing time driving and walking through town.

I love going places with my mom because we are alike in the sense that there’s no clear plan. We travel like we are in a maze, going from one place to the next, back, through alleys and we always find the coolest places. If you live in the Central Valley, I’d really recommend swinging by Exeter. It’s a fun time and it doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money to explore!

Thanks for reading and go out and discover, my friends! 🙂


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