What I Ate

What I Ate



It seems as though the days have just been zooming by lately and a new semester is quickly approaching (yikes!). While I’m enjoying my summer of lounging, reading, and researching the shit that’s going down in the world, my dinner time hasn’t been consistent; and neither has my bed time, but we can save that for another daily diary!
Today, I felt a sudden rush of hunger at 8:30 pm and I didn’t want
anything too heavy before I went to sleep. On my hunt through the refrigerator, I decided that the best thing for me was a salad (of course, considering I’d had 3 cupcakes today so why wouldn’t it be?). I’d say I’m a pretty conscious person when it comes to what I eat, but cake is just something that I can’t pass up, like, ever!
Any who, my dad cut everything up and my mom made me a
simple but tasty dressing with apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and salt and pepper. I love it because it’s light and tangy but doesn’t make you feel disgusting after like a heavy ranch or caesar.
Needless to say, I devoured it all and I feel like I can
go and run 3 miles although it’s 10 pm and 85 degrees outside! But who am I kidding? Lol


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