Winter To Spring Cardigans

Winter To Spring Cardigans


maroon knit waterfall sweater

Boots: here (found in previous post)

Jeans: Levis

Cardigans are an interesting piece in any woman’s wardrobe. We see them worn during the Fall, layered during the Winter, and carried over into Spring. They NEVER go out of style. In all honesty, I’m not a cardigan fanatic; but, I’ve done some thinking, and they are that article of clothing that you can reach for when your jacket is too heavy. This has been a dilemma for me, but I’ve never asked myself, “what’s lighter than a jacket, and warmer than not wearing one at all?”.

The answer has always been, “a cardigan”.

Did your mom ever tell you that you’ll become more and more like her as you grow older? I’m beginning to see how true this is. Giving step-by-step directions when asking someone to do something for me, and now, wearing cardigans. Her go to piece in her closet. Got a hole in the back of your shirt? Cover it up with a cardigan! No strapless bra for a spaghetti strap top? Throw a cardigan over it! Don’t have a shirt to wear? Just wear a cardigan (not that she does this)! lol

It was a pleasant surprise to love this one as much as I did. The weather is in between Winter and Spring right now. When I wear a thicker jacket, I end up hot; but without one, I’m freezing in the morning. This one isn’t too thick and not too thin, so it works in 68 degree weather!

This is my mom’s cardigan that she purchased from American Eagle. She may or may not ever get it back (;

Now, this exact color isn’t available in stores, but you can find it in black. I linked it down below along with some others that are PERFECT for this time of year. Several of them are also on sale! Let me know what you think 🙂

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